What motivated us to create Grupo Crisga was de idea of making professional different services, gathering in just one company design, executive projects development, refurbishment of interior spaces and everything it takes to become reality.

Our goal is to give our clientes the security of receiving experience and quality at the lowest price.

With 15 years of being establishment and more than 25 years of experience in architecture and design, Grupo Crisga offers everything our clients need to undertake their business making them save money and time. We create solutions and give advices to generate company infrastructures with no additional costs adapting our furniture to any style or brand.

Honesty and compromise with our clients characterize us. We don´t have competition, we create alliances that help us to innovate offering always the best to our clientes.

We believe in youth and innovation. We have the vision to adapt us to the world´s changes.


our inspiration

“The creation of a space where exists a perfect relation of proportions and volumes eliminating the ornaments and keeping exclusively the white color takes us to a reflection about the importance of the interior design.

-Walter Gropius, Bauhaus Manifest, 1919-